Three groups of coating are applied on components at Shahriar Turbine Components Co.:

-        Overlay coatings, applied by Air Plasma Spray , Low Pressure Plasma Spray and HVOF. A wide range of coatings such as MCrAlYs, hard faces and Thermal Barrier Coatings are applied on the surface of turbine components to achieve exceptional oxidation and hot corrosion resistance, wear resistance and thermal insulation to extend service life of components.

-       Diffusion Coatings including Aluminde and Chromide, applied by a patented technique on both external surfaces and cooling channels to increase hot corrosion and oxidation resistance of components.

-       Slurry coatings such as cermets applied on rotating and stator blades to increase aqueous corrosion resistance of compressor components.

We have recently developed technology and facilities for recoating of compressor stator and rotor blades without disassembling in order to save time for our clients. 

Coating facility at Shahriar Turbine Components Co. provides services for both repaired and semi finished components for domestic and foreign clients.