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About Company

Shahriar Turbine Components Co. is the largest and the first independent full repair service provider for gas turbine components in the Middle East. Shahriar Turbine Components offers comprehensive engineered services with highest quality standards and unprecedented reliability and dependability to clients from turbo machinery industry in the power and oil and gas sector.

We have played a pivotal role in maintenance cost reduction for our clients through repair of high value gas turbine parts and return them to the service instead of replacement. Our proven track record of repair of more than 5000 sets of components from a diverse range of gas turbines makes us a reliable partner in the power and oil and gas industry.

The company has the experience of repairing rotating blades, stationary vanes and combustion chamber components of following gas turbines:

GE MS5001/MS5002/MS6001/MS9001


MHI 701B/D

Westinghous W101/W191/W251

BBC 9/11/13

Alstom GT11N2

Hitachi H25



Repairing Directionally Solidified blades, repairing combustion chamber components of V94.2 gas turbines and recoating of compressor blades without disassembling are some of the most resent services to our clients.

Regarding ongoing improvement, necessary facilities and repair technology for "F-Class" gas turbines components are under development in the company.